A safer way to earn yield on your digital assets

SOMA Earn is the perfect investment option for anyone looking to earn passive income from their digital assets. We actively manage our assets to generate return for our clients, offering a convenient way for you to earn yield with minimal input. As part of the SOMA ecosystem, our Earn platform is fully-compliant and comes with additional security measures (KYC, AML) to protect you and your assets.

How to use Earn

Sign up

Pass our KYC process to get access to the Earn platform.

Pick a pool

Choose your pool based on your preferred investment strategy and rate of return.

Stake your assets

Stake assets to the pool using our simple interface.

Receive updates

We'll keep you up to speed on the performance of the pool and overall investment strategy.

Earn FAQ

Who can participate in Earn pools?

What are the Earn allocation terms and annual rewards rates?

What is the lock up period for Earn?

When can I withdraw/unstake my assets from the Earn pools?

How can I get information about new pools?

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