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We offer the best of DeFi and TradFi combined

We solve issues that plague DeFi and Centralized Exchanges (CEX) for your benefit

We are a non-custodial platform

We have a robust infrastructure

Key features

Globally Compliant

Securities are offered through our affiliate SEC & FINRA Regulated broker-dealer Tritaurian Capital, which is licensed & available for global retail and sophisticated investors.

1:1 Backed & Redeemable

Full ownership of the underlying assets not a synthetic or derivative asset. Asset can be withdrawn at any time.

Tokenized Equities

Trade tokenized versions of assets like Apple or Tesla stock as easily as trading popular cryptocurrencies.

Fiat Convertable

Our platform’s MTL* licensing will make it easy to onboard/offboard fiat efficiently.

Digital Asset Trading

Unrivalled access to the largest selection of digital assets in one streamlined DEX.

24/7 Trading

Instantly trade stocks at any time even on weekends and holidays.

DeFi to TradFi Bridge

Giving institutions on-chain DeFi access, with a focus on regulatory compliance.

DeFi Primitives

Democratizing Market Making and Yield Farming for everyone.

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How to Connect Your Wallet to the SOMA Platform
Introducing the SOMA Dashboard

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Securities offered and regulated activity undertaken by Tritaurian Capital, Incorporated